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How do I prepare for a shoot?

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Welcome to my site!

As the name suggests my name is Maja, I'm a Slovenian artist working internationally as a fine art photographer and a model scout.

I started off as a fine artist specialised in minimalist drawing, but am currently only pursuing photography as an artistic practice.

If you'd like to know more about my life and work you can head to my CV page where you can also inspect the details of my projects, collaborations, and commercial work.

In case you'd like to read my artist statement, you can find it here.

And if you'd like to make sure you are in competent hands there are a couple of testimonials you can read here.



I am originally from a small town in Slovenia but have lived abroad for the past seven years.

As the international transport restarts I'll continue to be available across Europe.

Travel expenses are generally included in the price; however, that's not always the case so I'll be sure to specify that once we decide on the location of the shoot.


My pricing is based on general market research and important factors like my availability, skills, and time.

You can find fixed cost/per hour rates for different photographic services here. This way you can make sure the pricing is suitable to your resources and needs. I would like for my pricing to mirror the current economic climate so during the whole of 2020 all of the prices are negotiable

If you'd like to discuss your budget, you can head here to file a form for a personalised price quote.

If you're a small business owner, a freelancer, an artist or a student, you are qualified for a 10% discount on all services.

Perhaps you're not quite sure if you can afford to hire a professional photographer and you'd like to have some more information.

If so, please click here and feel free to send me any of your doubts or wishes you'd like me to consider.


Here are all the options available for you to choose from:​

Solo Portrait Session

  • corporate/professional headshots 

  • baby/child photography

  • social media imagery

  • boudoir photography

  • glamour photography

  • model polaroids

Group Portrait Session

  • corporate/professional team headshots

  • baby/child photography

  • family portraits

  • social media imagery

  • glamour photography

Product Photography

  • still life

  • commercial photography

  • food photography

  • social media imagery

  • lifestyle photography

Event Photography

  • celebrations

  • holidays

  • gatherings

  • proposals

  • social media imagery

  • graduation photography

Editorial Photography

  • portfolio for industry professionals

  • social media imagery

  • beauty photography

  • fashion photography

Wedding Photography

  • indoor wedding

  • outdoor wedding

  • destination wedding

  • small service

If you are not sure what exactly you need or you have a very specific style in mind, please click here and send a personalised inquiry.



You can book your shoot here or ask for a personalised price quote.

The original fee already includes the expenses of pre- and post-production (equipment, editing, retouching). It is also possible to order the printing and framing of certain photographs; this can be decided after you receive the digital versions.

For additional fee the photographer can provide the services of:a videographer, a make-up artist, an art director, a fashion stylist, a hair stylist, and/or an assistant (depending on your needs and expectations).
If there is a need for the photographer to travel to (and/or stay at) the location of the shoot the expenses will be included in the final price quote.

When booking a fixed price shoot you'll be expected to pay a full price for a 60 minute shoot during the booking process. If the shoot is arranged to last more than an hour you'll receive an invoice with the rest of the payment after the shooting day.

You can cancel or reschedule the shoot up to two days before the shoot with no additional fees or charges by sending your request here.


When your shoot is just around the corner it's best to:

  • relax and sleep well

  • prepare your clothes, jewellery, and props

  • send me a message if you have any questions or something troubles you

  • remember that the majority of us don't like to be photographed but I'll help with that to the best of my abilities

  • eat well and drink plenty of water

  • get inspired by looking at portraits you like

  • practice some poses and expressions in the mirror

On the day of the shoot:

  • bring some water and a snack with you on the set

  • iron or steam your clothes

  • pack hair products that you use as well as make-up if needed

  • bring someone along if you are feeling nervous

  • clean your nails and teeth

  • wash your hair and skin

  • have a spare outfit with you

  • go ahead and express your ideas and wishes on set

Before the shoot I'll chat with you about the styling, themes, and poses so you'll know exactly what to expect!


I work for ZT Models agency; you can visit their official website here and their Instagram page here.

You can apply to become a professional model by filling in this form. Please keep in mind that there are international height restrictions for models.

Our female models need to be between 175 and 180cm tall, our male models between 185 and 190cm tall.

If you're still a minor, please consult your parents before applying.

You can see the models that I discovered as a scout on this page.


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Maja Pozar