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Maja Julia Pozar is a fine art portrait photographer focusing on the portrayal of serenity and stillness. 

She works primarily with professional models - fashion industry newcomers, and masters of their craft alike, via tailored test shoots and editorials. 

Of European descent and working internationally, she is the minimalist’s inamorata and a collector of understated motifs.


By thoughtfully forming personal relationships with models, who are ordinarily portrayed only as vessels for an idea or a product, she builds the work around an individual's character, persona, and appearance.

Being a neurodivergent creator herself, she encourages the models and team to express themselves freely and communicate as much or as little as they prefer; contributing and participating actively in the creative process.

Due to her visual arts academic background, the set is treated as an atelier with an ever-present emphasis on a peaceful working environment. Even more importantly, the shoot and planning of it are meticulously organised, as is the follow-up reflection and composing of publication materials. Each project is developed with diligence and attention to detail that honours the model’s strengths and potential. The final images are reduced to their essence and feel undeceivable and unconditionally human.

Importantly, the clothing, accessories, and props used in editorial productions are second-hand, vintage items or pieces produced sustainably and locally. 

Models, agency representatives, and sustainability advocates are invited to submit their request via

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